'Ethereal Dreams' - Chill Mix Album/Set
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So here's the mix I promised to upload to celebrate reaching 1000+ subscribers, thank you all! This time it concentrates on chilled music from many different genres, there's liquid dnb, chillstep, chillout, ambient, future garage, house, chillwave, hip hop, etc so the variety is pretty huge. The length is also twice longer than the usual 30 minutes.

As usual, picking the tracks and mixing them is all made by me. Almost every track is free to download so feel free to grab them if you want. Also remember to give some support to the artists if you like, the links can be found on Soundcloud. All kind of feedback is welcome but if you have to criticize, please do it in a constructive manner.

Well, thanks for letting me reach 1000 subs and hope you enjoy the mix! And the picture link can be found in this description as always :)


Free download:


0:00 Module Module - An Interlude
DL: http://soundcloud.com/module-module/an-interlude-free-download

- http://soundcloud.com/module-module
- http://facebook.com/module-module
- http://modulemodule.bandcamp.com
- http://modulemodule.com

4:07 M.Craft - Dragonfly (Memro Bootleg)
DL: not currently available
Buy the original: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/silver-fire/id160712172

- http://soundcloud.com/memro
- http://facebook.com/memrooo

- http://facebook.com/pages/M-Craft/174058396546
- http://myspace.com/mcraftmusic

9:45 Mémoire - La Mer
DL: http://soundcloud.com/memoiremusic/la-mer

- http://soundcloud.com/memoiremusic

12:44 Emily Underhill - Fly (JacM Remix)
DL: not currently available

- http://soundcloud.com/jacm-1
- http://facebook.com/JacMchillstep

- http://soundcloud.com/emily-underhill
- http://facebook.com/EmilyUnderhillMusic
- http://twitter.com/UnderhillEmily
- http://youtube.com/emilylouiseunderhill

19:00 Sina. - One I Love
DL: http://facebook.com/sinasounds/app_178091127385

- http://soundcloud.com/sinamusic
- http://facebook.com/sinasounds
- http://twitter.com/sina203
- http://youtube.com/SinaChannel

22:09 Exist Strategy - Gem
DL: http://existstrategy.bandcamp.com/album/lost-manifest

- http://soundcloud.com/exist-strategy
- http://facebook.com/ExistStrategy
- http://twitter.com/ExistStrategy
- http://youtube.com/ExistStrategy

25:54 nExow - Natural Sensation
DL: not currently available

- http://soundcloud.com/nexowdubstep
- http://facebook.com/nExow
- http://youtube.com/nExoww53
- http://nexow.bandcamp.com

30:07 French for Rabbits - Claimed by the Sea (PLAN Remix)
DL: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/claimed-by-sea-plan-remix/id552853396
Buy the original: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/claimed-by-the-sea-ep/id518172657

- http://soundcloud.com/plvn
- http://facebook.com/SadKingOtt
- http://twitter.com/PLVN_

- http://soundcloud.com/french-for-rabbits
- http://facebook.com/frenchforrabbits
- http://frenchforrabbits.com

33:18 Ludovico Einaudi - Primavera (SizzleBird Remix)
DL: not currently available
Buy the original: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/divenire/id212970099

- http://soundcloud.com/sizzlebird
- http://facebook.com/SizzleBird
- http://youtube.com/sizzlebird1
- http://sizzlebird1.bandcamp.com

- http://soundcloud.com/ludovicoeinaudi
- http://facebook.com/ludovicoeinaudi
- http://twitter.com/LudovicoEinaud
- http://einaudi-islands.com

36:44 Detz - June
Buy: http://beatport.com/release/seasons/1089829

- http://soundcloud.com/detz
- http://facebook.com/pages/Detz/172440982857963
- http://twitter.com/Detz_
- http://youtube.com/Detzin

41:04 Essáy - Morning Mountain ft. Rhian Sheehan
Buy: http://whatpeopleplay.com/albumdetails/null/id/49643

- http://soundcloud.com/essayessay
- http://facebook.com/essayessay

- http://soundcloud.com/rsheehan
- http://facebook.com/pages/Rhian-Sheehan/15584763065
- http://twitter.com/rhiansheehan
- http://rhiansheehan.bandcamp.com

46:47 Slow Magic - On Yr Side
DL: http://slowmagic.bandcamp.com/track/on-yr-side

- http://soundcloud.com/slowmagic
- http://facebook.com/slowwmagic
- http://twitter.com/slowwwmagic
- http://slowmagic.bandcamp.com

49:54 Birdy - Shelter (Essáy's Tearful Edit)
DL: http://soundcloud.com/essayessay/birdy-shelter-essays-tearful
Buy the original: http://itunes.apple.com/fi/album/shelter-single/id441559253

- http://soundcloud.com/essayessay
- http://facebook.com/essayessay

- http://facebook.com/BirdyMusic
- http://officialbirdy.com

Picture (Artist/original source?):


*This video was uploaded for promotional purposes, and no profit is made from it. If you own any content in this video and would like me to take it down, please contact me (fluidified[at]hotmail.com) and I will remove it immediately.
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