Jonah Lake - I was not put on this planet to Work
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I wrote this song in 2008 and it was the last track on my album Songs from a basement. On Songs from a basement it was released as a bonus track because it was a demo, punkrock style. So this is a demo of the demo. Recorded in a garage.
Filmed by Linn Edfeldt with a Gopro.

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"From the day I could talk I was told to be quiet
in a world were money rules the game
If you order and follow and don't cause a riot
The will grant you with money and fame

If you study real hard more for every year
You might get a good job at last
They tell you sweet lies and control you with fear
so you won't become an outcast

I wasn't put on this planet to work

If you do work real hard, it might take you far
then no one can call you a jerk
you'll earn lot's of money to buy a new car
So you can drive right back to work

The harder you work, the more you get paid
then later you deal with the stress
I also like money, but I rather trade
for freedom then a life in success

I wasn't put on this planet to work"
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