Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah - Biko (SHUT DOWN BY MILITARY) #streetdub
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They shut us down again... Nai-Jah shot this live on the streets of Nigeria and was stopped this time by the paramilitary (MOPOL). They were worried we might use the video to make some kind of a statement, but we wouldn't do a thing like that. This song asks a serious question about democracy. Many of our governments do terrible things in order to 'preserve democracy', but does it even exist? Let's start with the word, from Greek dēmokratia, dēmos ‘the people’ + kratia ‘power, rule’ so literally 'rule of the people'. Most people probably think we live in a democracy, I did, most of my life, but now I doubt it, very much. Of course there is gerrymandering, campaign 'contributions', corruption, election rigging and dodgy proportional representation and majoritarian methods, such as First Past the Post. But the problem goes much deeper. The knife to democracy's throat is lobbying, in it's current form. At first glance lobbying seems like a good idea "an organised group who work together to influence government decisions that relate to a particular industry or issue" if these groups were reflective of the diverse opinions of society then governments would be better informed and should therefore act according to the will of the people. But corporate lobbying trod on this idea and left the exoskeleton of democracy strewn all over the pavement. In the USA - a shining beacon of democracy - lobbying expenditures grew from $200 million in 1983 to $3.24 billion in 2013, with business accounting for more than 80% of all lobbying. Corporate lobbyists influence policies, legislation and even write the draft legislation often passed into law favouring specific corporate interests. Economic power IS political power. So it's actually quite simple, the ones with the most money, have the loudest voice, and the voice of the people is barely a whisper. Money doesn't talk it shouts. The only real clout we have left is our purchasing power, we have two ways we can exercise our democratic potential: we can vote with our wallet. Or we can opt out and starve the beast - leave babylon.

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