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Audiofly feat. Robert Owens - Love Is A Drug
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Audiofly return to Get Physical after their extensive tour promoting their debut album 'Follow My Liebe'. Anthony and Luca deliver 2 tracks for their Love Is A Drug EP with Big Bully and Robert Owens; and let me tell you, these tracks? THESE TRACKS?! A. Maze. Ing.

First up is 'Love Is A Drug' featuring Robert Owens. A simple house rhythm opens a can of bass, so deep you weren't sure you could hear that low. Vocals set the mood and the break leads into a very dreamy dub chord and full hi--hat glory. A rather slow, burning build that leads beautifully into the next track.

Break out with bass and percussion. 'I'll Tell Ya' is sonic gold. Big Bully & Audiofly produce a very musical number, very sensual in design and take us away to a place of pleasure. The soft vocals on this track are going to be heard everywhere this summer. Audiofly proves they know exactly what they're doing. Instant classic.

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