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Azad - Spiderwebs (Official Video)
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Spotify: hyperurl.co/AzadSpotify iTunes: hyperurl.co/AzadiTunes Soundcloud: hyperurl.co/AzadSoundcloud Facebook: hyperurl.co/AzadFacebook Twitter: hyperurl.co/AzadTwitter Instagram: hyperurl.co/AzadInstagram Director: Michael Bromberg Director of Photography: Nick Horowitz Creative Consultant: Matt Tierney Ballerina: Taylor Black Models: Breanna Box & Carissa Ro Gatti Production Sample: "Trouble" by Coldplay Lyrics: Verse 1 - I can't maintain a relationship They remind me I don't relate to shit I love you, I'm not in love with you But I want you in my life and that's an issue I hate to say I'm not committed, I admit it Only 22, I'm tryn' live it to the limit You know I'm coming back for you the minute that I'm finished Right now, a girlfriend would be a blemish on my image I led you on and you might think I'm selfish But I like your company, I really can't help it Even though I see you twice a week Tell me why you adamently fight for me Saying please don't leave, but I'm focused on my plan It's not personal, I hope you understand Some day, you will trust me again But for now, I'm sorry that our love had to end Verse 2 - I had a fallin' out with a family member I lashed out and said some shit I still can't remember For a while, I was actually crazy But, I wouldn't change the past if you paid me You live and you learn, you slip and you burn Work hard and keep your mind off the figures you earn I'm highly aware what the fame could bring I won't ever let money fuck up a good thing It once did, but that saga's over And if anything it brought us closer, now we always sober A buncha guys on the rise Realize we gon' ride 'til we die with our eyes on the prize Look, instead of falling over like some dominos We put our egos to the side for one common goal And fuck the politics, we'll handle it together Friends come and go, man family is forever Verse 3 - I thought I had support from my family Until my mom said don't forget about a plan B I don't blame her, she doesn't understand me I love making music, I don't need to win a grammy You can be the best at what you do But it doesn't matter, cause it means nothing 'til you're paid I rather stay poor doing something that I love Than to ever be rich doing something that I hate I can truly say that I'm happy with my life I'm never let down cause my attitude is right It's undeniable, my passion on the mic These other rappers do it for the glamour and the lights But I'm different, and I never been more certain Nobody is perfect but we all serve a purpose So fall back, while I pull away the curtains And let my light shine, I know it's the right time

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