Conscious Youths - Keep It Burning [HQ] [Lyrics]
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Artist: Conscious Youths
Titel: Keep It Burning
Album: See Why
Year: 2008

i burn keep-it-keep-it burn keep-it (keep it burning)
i burn wide awake i burn sleepy (keep it burning)
i burn keep-it-keep-it burn keep-it (keep it burning)
all I ever asked for is to be free

I'm a put C.Y. in my CV / paper tiga dem rocking MTV
burn CD's and MP3's / no tthe kinda Paleface that burn teepees

They call me L-I-L-R-E-D / they say my language is graphic banging in 3D
so if you jammed to the traffic or if you baggin' that baggage
i'll give you half of my sandwich 'cos I ain't greedy

They call me Cape to the N-A-P-E / got a TV but I don't watch the BB
for really / that don't appeal to me / that shit is fake, bro / that ain't real to me
ay yo, it's clear to see what we really need is liquid unity served in bottles distillery
it's killing me / agony and the misery / but the breath of the dragon just keeps sizzling


keep keepin' on in Afghanistan and wherever King George is steppin' on
Iran, Lebanon, Vietnam, Falun Gong / On and on bang the drum til the early morn
keep keepin on in Khalistan / Uzbekistan, Kurdistan, Pakistan
Tadzikistan / Turkmenistan / on and on bang the drum til ramadaan

they say Redrama gone but I keep keepin' on
the wrong day, the wrong song to be sleepin' on
I went from tired to on fire from weak to strong
mental battle I'm a take the Grim Reaper on
during the week it's on but when the weekends gone
you right back to square one like that PF song
if you think life's a bitch you the peeping tom
see I know life's a gift so I'm keepin on

you can see me flippin' on / when the beat is on
you thought I never would / now I bring it on
street music's on / not a silly song / sayin' everything is everything / we killn' 'em
king size papes we be fillin' up / ring side Napes we be chillin' out
you think we sit around / your feet will hit the ground
don't you worry yourself / so get the picture now

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