Dan Caster & Bjoern Stoerig - Fantasy Girl
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Get LMF015 - Dan Caster & Bjoern Stoerig - Fantasy Girl here: ➟ Beatport: http://btprt.dj/18iHSlN ➟ iTunes: http://bit.ly/16xweJn ➟ Juno: http://bit.ly/1aIZVIH Artist: Dan Caster & Bjoern Stoerig Release Title: Fantasy Girl Track Title: Fantasy Girl Label: Light My Fire Catalogue No.: LMF015 Release: 25.10.2013 Love is in the air! Dan Caster and Björn Störig have obviously developed a strong studio-bond recently, which explains why they are back with a full collaborative EP after their track 'Go Down' hit the shops in the summer. LMF015 'Fantasy Girl' sees the duo present three coherent dance-floor bombs that will captivate and animate you from the get-go. The title-track is a low-slung deep house burner consisting of ominous synths, a melodious hook and snappy percussion, all held together by an iconic vocal that some of the house heads might be familiar with from back in the day. Things get techier on 'Feels So Good' as a heavy bass-line rubs shoulders with colourful rave synths and an accessible vocal hook. Last but not least, 'Go With The Flow' is possibly the most energetic of the EP. Here, a bouncy beat grooves beneath old-school piano stabs and an excellent party synth. Let's hope that love affair continues! Selected Feedback: Oliver Schories: Feels so good, "feels good". Thank you Kellerkind: Feels So Good makes me Feel So Good, what else Marlon Hoffstadt: go with the floooooooow for me :) Aka Aka: "feel so good" fühlt sich gut an Dirty Doering: voll fädd!!!! Animal Trainer: in love with this EP...go with the flow goes wild! luv'it Klangkuenstler: 3 bombs, especially like "feels so good", club smasher! Ron Flatter: sauber! Channel X: 5 stars for "go with the flow" Ryan Dupree: Nice EP Falscher Hase: Fantasy girl feels so good! m.in: go with the flow is special

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