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Daniele Papini, born and raised in Italy and now relocated to the German Techno capital Berlin, gained loads of respect for his breakthrough hit "Church Of Nonsense" on Mauro Picotto´s Alchemy label, definitely being one of last year´s biggest tracks that was played by literally every DJ on the planet. Also his collaboration with Hugo on Systematic - a groove monster par excellence - underlined his status of being one of the new faces of the moment. Now Daniele comes up with what we think is his biggest track so far: "Hidden Source" has it all. It´s a quite basic yet highly effective melodic tune that will turn every dusty basement club into the most perfect summer dancefloor you can imagine! It has been one of the biggest tracks in Gregor´s DJ-Sets for the last weeks causing madness on every dancefloor he played it out. With "No Haste" on the flip Daniele showcases his deeper side of production, layering drums and basslines to a hypnotic early morning track, destined to be played during a Balearic sunrise as well as on a wasted Berlin tuesday morning. Break New Soil welcomes Daniele Papini: Let´s get ready for the summer season 2009!

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