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Dilated Peoples - Show Me The Way ft. Aloe Blacc (Official Video)
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iTunes: http://bit.ly/DOPitunes CD/Vinyl: http://bit.ly/DOP_FE Amazon: http://bit.ly/DOPamz The brand new album from Dilated Peoples, Directors of Photography is out now on Rhymesayers Entertainment. Song produced by: Jake One | @JakeUno Featuring: Aloe Blacc | @AloeBlacc Director: Andrew Melby and Evidence DP: Andrew Melby AC: Brent Reno Production Assistant: Ivan Valderrama Editor and Colorist: Andrew Melby Aloe Blacc Animations: Joe Dressel Arrow Spinners: http://www.AArrowSignSpinners.com http://rhymesayers.com/dilatedpeoples Dilated Peoples on Twitter: http://twitter.com/dilatedpeoples Dilated Peoples on Facebook: http://facebook.com/dilatedpeoples Dilated Peoples on Instagram: http://instagram.com/dilatedpeoples Evidence on Instagram: http://instagram.com/evidence Rakaa on Instagram: http://instagram.com/therealrakaa DJ Babu on Instagram: http://instagram.com/djbabuforeal Rhymesayers on Twitter: http://twitter.com/rhymesayers Rhymesayers on Facebook: http://facebook.com/rhymesayers #DirectorsOfPhotography

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