Disturbed - The Sound of Silence (Vocal Cover by Caleb Hyles)
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SO, here's an unexpected cover! :P I've been wanting to cover this version of the song ever since I heard it, but sadly, it wasn't that popular and no one had made an instrumental yet :/ Luckily, Disturbed released a music video and got everyone's attention! So I used the wonderful instrumental track from DIU Karaoke to make my vision come to life. This was easily the hardest song I've sung in terms of my lower range. Speaking of which, I don't know why I'm feeling more attracted towards my lower range lately xD Either way, bare with me in certain parts and I hope you enjoy!

A HUGE shout out to y'all for sticking with for these past few years :) There's some BIG plans for 2016, so bring along a friend and stay tuned~ You're not gonna want to miss this ;)

Mixing, editing, and vocals by: Caleb Hyles
Music: The Sound of Silence cover by Disturbed, original by Simon & Garfunkel
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