Donette Forte - Time For A Change - 7 554 - Partial Records
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Donette Forte
7" PRTL7053 Partial Records

Track on this vinyl :
A - Time For A Change
B - Time For A Dub

Mixed By Rej Forte
Producer Rej Forte
First time release as a 7 inch from : [r1500774]
(C) 1991 / 2018 2018 - UK

======= Partial Records ========
Formed in early 2013, Partial Records have laid down a path of newly recorded music as well as unearthing a chunk of hard-to-find tunes mainly from the 1990′s for the reissue market. Releases so far include recordings by artists and producers such as Max Romeo, Junior Delgado, Mikey General, Jah Marnyah, Everton Chambers, Alpha & Omega, Dixie Peach, G.T. Moore, Danny Red, Disciples, Vibronics, Bush Chemists, Nucleus Roots, King General, S’Kaya, Cian Finn, Mene Man, Naph-tali, Dougie Conscious, Jah Warrior, Restless Mashaits, Cornel Campbell, The Rootsman, Donette Forte, Paul Fox, El Indio, Sandeeno, Solo Banton and more.
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