Gavin Herlihy - Positive Thing (Inxec & Droog Remix)
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After starting the year with a bang with releases on Culprit, Leftroom and Crosstown Rebels, Gavin Herlihy returns to Get Physical with his next EP, 'Positive Thing.'

The title track is a heavy blend of beats and reverb with a deep house vibe pouring out of it. A lot of pressure builds up in this track and escapes slowly like a hole in a tire to energize the floor. Beautiful synth work radiates throughout the mix, all leading up to a dreamy vocal line that stays in your mind while the bass returns and the crowd is in motion.

Inxec & Droog take things further, with ambient synth work full of LFO and kicks. They take the bassline for a walk in the basement, while the vocal line stands in front of the mix. Chords come into the mix and warm up the night like pills from your pocket.

'Rhea' is a catchy, 80's synthpop inspired funk piece, sure to play in your head long after the party is over.

The last track, 'How We Do It' features a deep wavy bassline under an almost dub inspired ambience of vocal cuts and delay, set in motion by a groovy percussive set. This is a deep track and ripe for dancefloors in mid-summer heat.

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