Jackie Mittoo & the Skatalites - El Bang Bang.
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Arranger/producer/Keyboardman Jackie Mittoo & the Skatalites recorded 1964 (possibly recorded on two tracks). This instumental, described by Mark Ainley in the Soul Jazz Records 'Studio One Ska' liner notes as "eastern flavoured modal" reveals the 23 year old Mittoo's prodigious talent and wicked rythymic wit.
I have mashed this legendary tune with old Super-8 film from my own collection, courtesy of the underrated Ray 'The Suit' McKinley and his Swing Orchestra from 1949. Thanks to Jackie, Ray and all the great musicians from the past, I hope yr all cool with what I've done. There is a comment below from Sandra Mittoo, Jackie's cousin, thanking me for this work - that meant a lot. Also on my channel is the three original Ray McKinley and Orchestra tunes, one featuring Imogene Lynn, singing 'Big Boy' and there's another Skatalites mash up, 'Tribute to Mahummad Ali' featuring Don Drummond ...Please check them out - One love, Jah love - Kerrie.
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