Jahdan Blakkamoore - 554 Down In The Ghetto 554 from the album Babylon Nightmare (Lustre Kings 2010)
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Download here http://bit.ly/ewfuY7. Babylon Nightmare's roots run deep. This 17 track monster of an album spans one drop, hip-hop and pop to acoustic and club tracks. Referred to by the Village Voice as "the authentic connection between Reggae and Hip Hop", Jah Dan is actually much more. Jahdan Blackamoore has created his own wholly unique path to success. He is at once unclassifiable and exists within a class all his own. Blakkamoore's worldly outlook and approach has melded a new fusion of sounds — Dancehall meets Dubstep, Hip-Hop into Roots Reggae — and the results speak for themselves, just listen.

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