Deep House
Jan Blomqvist - Something Says (Live at WEEKEND Rooftop)
Zoorack 15
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Artist: Jan Blomqvist
Track: Something Says
Label: Stil vor Talent (SVT078)
Live Drums: Christian Dammann
Location: WEEKEND Rooftop

Video: Christian Dammann
Live Recording: Felix Lehmann
Camera: Ryan Mathiesen, Jan Kopetzky

special thanks to:
Delight Rental Services, Sven Schrader

Lyrics By Jan Blomqvist and Ryan Mathiesen

The beginning says,
'Don't forget about me.'
The end only says,
'We'll never meet, yeah.'

Happiness says,
'Can you gimme a ride?'
But anxiety knows
there's more room inside, yeah.

The wind would love
to stay here with you.
The fog, he tries
to think it through.

The disguise moans,
'I feel so used.'
Promodel says,
'I wanna be yours, yeah
wanna be yours.'

Heart let's it slip,
'I am not a bus.'
The nowhere admits:,
'I wanna be loved.'

The truth whispering,
'Don't conceal me.'
Love secretly
writes: 'Come and find me.
Come and find me.'

'Where did we go wrong?',
said the memory.
The flower appeals,
'Please kidnap me, yeah.'

'Gimme your hand'
is what said the fear.
The children they dine
with wild tigers here.

The TV, it hissed,
'It's just us two.'
His shadow repeats,
'I can't follow you.
I can't follow you.'

Temptation says,
'I am the boss.'
The hiding-place says,
'I feel so lost.'

And so the cringe
feels so afraid.
Gravity warns,
'No need to hate.
No need to hate.'
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