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Artist: Kolombo Title: Let's Drink EP Label: OFF Recordings Release number: OFF049 Format: Digital/Vinyl Distribution: Baseware Distribution (Digital) / Deejay.de (Vinyl) Releasedate: 13.03.2013 (Digital) / 04.2013 (Vinyl) File Under: DeepHouse Web: www.off-recordings.com Get MP3s here: www.beatport.com/release/lets-drink-ep/1048756 Get the Vinyl here: www.deejay.de/Lets_Drink_Ep__120611 Tracks: 1 -- Kolombo - Let's Drink 2 -- Kolombo - Baby Move Your Bud One of the most original and popular artists of the current deephouse scene, Kolombo has gained a huge following reflected in countless gigs all over the planet. Fusing elements of funk, house and hiphop, his OFF-debut is a trademark production for the Belgian-based artist, and a hymn to the all-weekendish extravaganza of our party scene. SELECTED FEEDBACKS: Adana Twins - Baby Move Ur Bud for me! Thanks for sending it! Round Table Knights - Yeah!!! Robosonic - lets go drink! fun track! Amine Edge - SUPPORT !! Sordo - lets drink :) Monte - I can blindly buy almost anything what he releases ! Great Work as always. Joyce Muniz - dope stuff baby move ur bud is my fav Maxxi Soundsystem - Let's Drink gonna get played by me... Sacha Braemer - kolombo......thumbs up Teenage Mutants - ohhh!!!!Kolombo!!!!Love!!! "Baby Move Ur Bud" for me. Wildkats - Both really cool. Will play out. Thanks

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