Deep House
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Label: T-Lounge
Release Date - 2012-05-18
Album "House Music Is Love" available on:

We proudly present you the first edition of House Music Is Love. It all started in the 80 through disco and soul influences from the 70s and for a long time it was the music of the underground that gave joy to the househeads, but did not find the attention of the mainstream. In 2012 house music is has certainly reached the mainstream. Black music artists use house producers to get back into the top seller business, Commercials have a four-to-the-floor beat and kids take dancing lessons to house music, instead of doing the waltz. Well we are certainly not unhappy that the music we love has a big audience now. To showcase our love and to prove that you can still be down with the underground and make the masses dance we bring you the double cd compilation "House Music is Love-. It features the who-is-who of the house music champions league. The mix starts to release the love with the Lovebirds remix of "Hold Back Love- by the dutch superstars Kraak & Smaak. Swiss house don Jamie Lewis and Haldo with Henri Kohn & Miss Ann-P with "Feel Free-. "The Answer- by Kohn-Acted is on board. Kohn-Acted are Henri Kohn, Miss Ann-P and Vincent Kwok. Their single expresses a deeper love and certainly also addresses to many other aspects of life. Alan Russell"s (of Black Vinyl Records fame) remix of "Wanna Be-, as well as Larse"s deep house ueberhit "The More I Want- and the Hardfloor remix of the classic "Supernatural- by King Britt & Ursula Rucker. The compilation is compiled by Henri Kohn who added house music to his friendlist ages before social networks were invented. Extremely danceable House Music sounds with a positive message! Love that is!

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