Deep House
Led Zeppelin- Stairway To Heaven (Bender Remix) by Bender Giveaway's
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Track Notes

.Rumor has it, at the top of the Stairway To Heaven; there's an all you can eat taco & guacamole bar.

.The lady who wanted to buy the Stairway originally couldn't afford it...so she checked her credit score on credit karma, applied for a short term loan, & is currently working on a finance plan to finally purchase the stairway!

.During every concert & studio session, Roger Plant would put his wiener in a customized tightening vice....this vice would pinch his pecker, enabling him to reach those infamous high notes.

**Thanksgiving has gone, and the holidays are around the corner... soo with the spirit in mind, i think its time for another giveaway! This has been a big track in my sets recently...& as much as i hate tampering with a classic, I couldnt help myself on this one...I get giddy hearing rock & roll in a night club lol. Hope everyone enjoyed their turkey, ill see you all next month for another free download ;) **
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