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Live This One (Prod. Blunted Beatz)
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Lyrics - VERSE#1 I failed a lotta times but then I think who hasn't I just get up from the ground, never mind whose laughing Lets just do this one more time, we can prove em we can shine, we human Keep in that in mind, never let the loose cannon. Remember high school and all uh them classrooms All uh them exes that got you permanent tattoos After school fights like it was cool, right? Fuck home-works been writing rhymes before Proof died. Room full uh Empty bottles and them ashtrays and maybe thats the reason for my bad grades Or maybe I had different goals so I aint givin hope Don't know where life will take me but I aint quittin my bro My friends they graduated and i was wrecking emcees Tryna be best in the mic and then express what I see If I was wrestelin life and i was stressin to breathe I still wouldn't change my decisions cause im livin' my dream Chorus Had to it right while i was makin' this song So much uh drama thats the reason it was takin this long I drank away my shame, not to remember the pain I know its kinda gloomy but hold strong the weather will change Regardless of the drama I'm the right person at it with a nice urban talent I just had to cool my head like an ice bucket challenge They tell me keep kickin, im never stoppin Some fellas be spittin but they never be rockin Im an example, im happy for whatever come thru Just wanna eat and chill like a panda that kung fu its truly a blessing what we gain from musical lesson Plus i got an album kept on hold for future investment This just a sample,shouts to my parents My sister and Nikki those are my dearest, my presents Cant forget the brothers for they appearance got me feelin so lucky I got family that love me, I aint slowin my hustle now that i'm back and i'm hungry.. Will acquire everything that I desire, I got that fire required, raise my arms and set higher like stars and entire, lets do this larger than prior, i write em bars you admire, i'm an artist that hardly stay quiet, we living!! *Outro* I don't care what do you think about me, I will say this proudly that I did this without your help and ima keep proving them doubters we will not fall until we reach what we came for so, we will live on!!

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