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Matthew Heyer Ft. Kyiki - My Melody by Matthew Heyer [Official]
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After amassing a loyal following on social media & Soundcloud, and following on from his collaborative release via Armada Deep last month, up-coming artist Matthew Heyer releases his debut single, “My Melody” featuring @Kyiki via his own imprint Heyer Music.

With millions of plays on his remixes – notably over 2.5million plays on his Sia remix alone – Matthew Heyer has been gradually building his core fanbase over the past year whilst working on his very own productions. Heavy support from the online Youtube realm has seen the likes of Mr Revillz, The Vibe Guide and Chill Nation firmly back this upcoming artist and now he is ready to step up and unleash his own original tracks, with his debut release set to land on 18th November.

Following on from her notable collaboration with Moon Boots, “My Melody” features the respected vocalist from UK band Crystal Fighters - singer / songwriter Kyiki - with her ethereal vocals flowing throughout this perfectly crafted pop song.

Set for an online premiere on 14th November via Mr Revillz, “My Melody” will be available via Spotify/iTunes on November 18th.
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