Mellow Mood ft. Hempress Sativa and Forelock - Inna Jamaica Pt. 2
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Inna Jamaica Pt. 2
(A. Puglia, J. Garzia, L. Garzia, K. Johnson, D. Fitzroy Green)
Produced by Fitzroy Dave Green and co-produced by Paolo Baldini.
Dean Fraser played the saxophone.


Welcome a Jamaica
yeh we deh deh inna Jamaica
more time mi waan fi spend inna Jamaica
mi nuh waan fi go away
a so me tell you seh dis a di place mi waan fi deh

Jamaica a di place weh yuh affi deh yes
dem talk straight patwa need fi know wah dem a say yes
people a bawl down pon dem knees dem still a pray yes
hope di Almighty will listen to dem prayers yes
well it nuh matta if yuh deh a Spanish Town or Kingston town
tun off di phone caw yuh nuh go hear di ring tone
music loud caw dis a music kingdom
music come out but dem nuh see no income

Alkebulan I descendants from but Jamaica mi born and grow
yellow fi the sun green fi land black for the strength that the people have shown
over the years they’ve sold exploited resources so we don’t own
so how can this be my home
Africa mi saying but still I will welcome you to Jamrock dung in Kingston town
big sound string up and roots sell by the quarters
dread natty so dread eyes red from chalwah weh mi unda
man a rub a dub a hold a dawta
Mellow Mood’s in paradise living the life on the island of wood and water

The Gideon seh a bare ragamuffin inna wi clic
weh we boss it nuh go stick
disya di island weh di music affi hit it affi hit
from di zinc fence door up to di real concrete
Mellow Mood Hempress Sativa Forelock depon di line
reaching all di humans weh di light still shine
yuh see how we ready fi bright
caw we following the Most High guide

Long time me waan come visit
dis land mi always hear about it
yah so da fyah nuh stop burning
whole heap a youths hear Rasta calling
real vibe inna my blood a flowing
Sativa she a drive dis journey
mi a seh full up enough your soul
and when yuh full open up your eyes
disya Jamaica
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