Moritos - Remolino (Official Video) Original Mix
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This track smells like summer !!!
Baxx Records shows up with the release "Remolino" of the producer crew "Moritos". Pulsating cumbia sounds embedded in house-music makes „Remolino" to an exceptional pick for Baxx Records.
Moritos came together many years ago with the aim of producing their own clubmusic. Quickly after they started their own projects they got the chance to produce and remix tunes for well known major artists. Considering that many producers dreamed of working for majors, Moritos in the meantime realized that they were already far away from their main mission.
So after a long period of various projects they hark back to produce their own Music with international influences for the clubs in the whole world.
Now the first release „Remolino" seems to be the right choice to continue the origin schedules of "Moritos" and create a good base for coming projects.
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