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MÖWE - Blauer Tag (Robin Schulz Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Stil vor Talent
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Artist: Möwe
Release Title: Inside
Label: Stil vor Talent
Catalogue No.: SVT119
Release: 17.01.2014

MÖWE is a recently founded project by the Vienna based artists Mel and Clemens, who previously played together in the band Mary lost her Pathos. While the duo’s indie roots still shine through in the song writing, MÖWE’s sound is largely electronic and best described as melodious and emotionally uplifting. Here, on SVT119, they present two of their outstanding productions, while Björn Störig contributes a beefy remix.

The title track ‘Inside’ focuses on harmonic piano and guitar hooks that float over a bouncing beat and crisp percussion. As the duo’s heartbreakingly beautiful vocals climax in a bass-driven chorus, we find ourselves lost in a sea of bewitching sound. ‘Seven Days’ is then introduced by delayed vox and drops into an airy arrangement backed-up by Mel and Clem’s longing voices. Stunning! Lastly, SVT mainstay Björn Störig gives ‘Seven Days’ the dance floor treatment by pitching down the original’s vocals and laying them over an elastic deep house bassline.

Selected Feedback
Felix Da Housecat: Support from Felix x
Noir: Great release. Love the original of Seven Days.
Kellerkind: Nice EP, my favorite is the Bjoern Stoerig Remix! BIG
Oliver Schories: Ryans rmx for me. Thx
Animal Trainer: double-wow-effect :-) beautiful vocals…remixes are amazing…especially björn störig remix..massive support :-)
Grizzly: blauer tag works for me the best
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