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Naxatras - Naxatras (2015) (Full Album) Album/Set
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Naxatras is a hard psychedelic rock band from Greece. They have been playing together for three years developing their sound. This year sees the release of their first LP. Naxatras recorded the album live 100% analog at Magnetic Fidelity Studios with a guy named Jesus. Only analog equipment was used during the recording, mixing and mastering stages. Naxatras recorded the album at a small village in northern Greece in just 3 days.

Naxatras play a beautiful Psychedelia with lush melodies. They experiment with many Progressive song structures. This album is a bright indicator of the potential these guys have going forward.

Big thanks to Naxatras for their donation and allowing me to share their brand new debut album!

1. I am the Beyonder - 0:00
2. Sun is Burning - 10:35
3. Space Tunnel - 15:54
4. Shiva's Dance - 21:58
5. Downer - 29:33
6. Waves - 35:51
7. The West - 43:07
8. Ent - 50:16

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You can support the band and purchase the album at the bandcamp link below!


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