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Neelix feat The Gardener & The Tree - Waterfall (Official Music Video)
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Whenever I am making music, I am mostly just playing around with melodies and sounds, far away from finishing a track. Most of these sessions you will never hear, it’s like jamming musicians in the studio, it will never be released. This set is my way of collecting these sessions and show them to you. Most of them are not finished tracks, because of that. But you get an idea of it. I hope you like it. All the best for you, Henrik.

Cover art is made by Martin Stranka:
Thank you Martin!!!
Please visit his art

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We are Spin Twist Records.
Based in Germany with a worldwide roster, Spin Twist Records has consistently release music that pushes the technical boundaries of what music should be and plays huge role in today’s form of Progressive Psy-trance.
Spin Twist is proud to have been involved with releases from artists such as Neelix, Day Din, Interactive Noise, COMING SOON!!!, Fabio Fusco, Fabio & Moon, Morten Granau, Klopfgeister and many more.
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