Noisia - Outer Edges LP [FULL ALBUM] Album/Set
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Buy: https://store.visionrecordings.nl/product/vsn025-digital/ - TRACKLIST - 0:00 The Approach 1:29 Anomaly 5:32 Collider 10:19 Vigilantes 13:07 Tentacles 16:18 Voodoo 19:34 Mantra 23:23 Surfaceless 25:04 Straight Hook 28:28 Stonewalled 32:06 Motion Blur 35:30 The Entangled 38:46 Exavolt 41:47 Into Dust 46:07 Miniatures 49:01 Sinkhole 52:31 Get Deaded 56:28 The Approach (Reprise) Musician: NOISIA https://store.visionrecordings.nl/ https://soundcloud.com/noisia https://www.facebook.com/noisia https://www.instagram.com/noisia_official/ Image: http://bit.ly/2atqLMK ►Message me for song submission! :) "The bangin tunes that are uploaded onto this channel is ONLY and will EVER ONLY be for promotional purposes. I DO NOT earn any revenue from these uploads. I DO NOT OWN THESE SONGS. If there is an issue with an image or a song, PLEASE message me on YouTube before you issue a strike and I will take the video down asap if you wish. Thank You."

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