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PARISI - No Refuge (Official Video) ft. RZA
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"I don't understand how you can ban a man from a land that was said to be a beacon of light."

Listen to the powerful new single from electronic duo PARISI feat. RZA of Wu-Tang Clan - http://listen.platoon.ai/no-refuge

All streams and downloads on iTunes, Beats 1, Spotify, Apple Music, and other music sites are donated to the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Music video created by Ben Strebel of Sovage in close association with Stay In School. "No Refuge" released by ROLI Records.

Follow @weareparisi, https://www.facebook.com/weareparisi, http://www.parisi.fm. / @rza #NoRefuge

“No Refuge” (lyrics)

I don't understand how you could ban a man

from a land that was said to be a beacon of light

for men escaping the plight of tyranny

and the weary poverty stricken children who are sincerely

innocent to the bombs that dropped on their cities

that caused disfigurement and injuries

or the women who seek education and medicine

but are spiritually oppressed by those who don't understand

the prophet's teachings clearly

As the yearly death toll rises in Syria

creating more refugees, how can we dispute the truth

that the seeds of man all fall down from the same tree?

I'm an innocent immigrant trying to emigrate

to the land built by immigrants

where the face of a former slave

became the face of the president

where the hearts of the depraved men

once boarded ships and crossed the oceans

searching for a place to practice their religion out in the open

and thus the country was made (yes)

let's make america great again

but not a place that's filled with bigotry, racism and hate again

Let's fulfill the need of all men, from city streets to coal mines

but don't forget that humanity is the gold mine

I wanna fall at the feet of Lady Liberty

from the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream

to the land of the brave, and the free

where there's freedom of speech, freedom to teach

but they won't let me in, no they won't let me in

About the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR):

The UNHCR is the world’s premier international body dedicated to improving the lives of refugees and advocating for policies that alleviate the social and economic pressures of refugee migration.

Funded by over 100 governments, it supports an array of projects ranging from legally preparing asylum seekers to providing on-the-ground assistance teams during humanitarian disasters.

More information can be found at http://www.unhcr.org.
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