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"On My Corner"
Produced by Irie Ites Records - P&C 2016
Taken from "Reggae Farm Work" Perfect Giddimani's album out now !!
iTUNES http://urlz.fr/3bAx
FNAC http://urlz.fr/3bAs
DEEZER http://urlz.fr/3bAv
SPOTIFY http://urlz.fr/3bAC
AMAZON http://urlz.fr/3bAE
IRIEITES http://urlz.fr/3bAR
DIBYZ http://urlz.fr/3bBh

Distributed by Dibyz Music
More infos : irieites@hotmail.fr

Vocals : Greg Rose
All instruments by Willy William
Mixed by Thomas "Mister T." Gloor assisted by Renaud Nash at A.K.A Studio (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Video directed by Mad Mill
Facebook : http://on.fb.me/1KT0rD9
Youtube : http://bit.ly/1QRlmvm
Camareman : Aqua Toffana
Facebook TO2F HD : http://on.fb.me/1oGJq95

***Lyrics On My Corner***

Chat dem a chat skidip Giddimani woulda box dem pon dem lip.

Man a lion from yard mi nuh deal wid dog (rep)


No cats no dogs upon the lion corner no snitch no cops cant get my marijuana King Rastafari i give all the honour no cats no dogs upon the lion corner.

Mi sey mi iphone connected to mi headphone and mi headphone connected to mi head bone and mi head bone connected to mi neck bone and mi neck bone connected to mi barritone barritone it connected to mi body bone body bone a come from mi mommy and mi daddy own daddy own 2 speaker 1 microphone a little turntable a dat a fimi sound mi first tune a promise land by D.Brown the second one a Gregory Issac freedom the first place mi play a west street kingston mi never get nuh pay but a so the ting run Shabba gimmi a beer so mi haffi drink some so watch it cause the Wild Appachee mi a bring dung dung (rep)

But mi up pon di stage nuh mek mi shoes touch ground.


The clarks bootie a bran new just come the album up a Irieites it just done mi tell di Ghetto youths dem stop buss gun a we come first but dem fuss run the fire haffi purge that a why sun bun and poor people stop mek cornmeal tun selector wheel up mi tell yuh never wheel dung and Bobo Shanti never bow nor kneel dung whats up with the deal cause yuh cant deal down mi tell yuh sey yuh better keep real and come well babylon a come watch dem a squeal and run judgement a tumble dung yow watch yuh link what yuh think from them mi nuh drink mi nuh deal wid dog mi nuh follow back a pimp watch dem dress up like girl inna pink fire bun*


Man a lion from yard mi nuh deal wid dog (rep)


Tell dem nuh F dem self tell dem nuh mess dem self Tell dem nuh F dem self* (rep)

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