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For everyone that has asked at all the recent shows what is the track that says #&34;Rosé on my brain, Cocaine in my dick vein#&34; - this is it - our newest original #&34;Satyr Song#&34; out now on Umek's label. If you want the full story of how the track came to be - here is the official press release:

by p.bateman
On the heels of their remix for Australia's Sneaky Sound System which has charged up the Beatport charts in the last 2 weeks, tech house act Pleasurekraft are back with a new original, this time for Techno kingpin Umek, on his 1605 Music Therapy label. The track - aptly named #&34;Satyr Song#&34; was originally conceived this past Spring in Miami - the same time the duo took home the Beatport #&34;Top Track of the Year#&34; award. After the award announcement was made, Pleasurekraft along with a few close friends decided to celebrate with some drinks on Miami's beaches. After stocking up on alcohol and packing coolers with ice the group set out for the white sands and sunshine. On their way, a local homeless man who saw the entourage and coolers overflowing with various alcoholic beverages yelled over at the boys: #&34;You got any Rosé in there?#&34; The boys taken aback by the request shook their heads, upon which point the man announced simply, #&34;Rosé on my brain, Cocaine in my dick vein.#&34; Immediately Kaveh looked at Kalle and the two knew that somehow, some way, they HAD to incorporate such a line of sheer hedonistic genius into a future track.

Fast forward several months and you have #&34;Satyr Song#&34;. As Kaveh put it, #&34;Named after the half-man half-goat beasts of Greek Mythology, who were famous for their hedonistic dispositions, immersing themselves and the people around them in drinking and giving in to all their carnal desires, the title of the track just seemed to fit with exactly what the main chant of the song exemplifies: excess#&34;

Sonically the track is a slight departure from their deeper and circus-like tech house tracks, instead with a shot of adrenaline and housier vibe to boost the dancefloor appeal. Umek immediately signed the track and agreed to do a remix with his signature driving techno sound which takes the track's mantra to the next level.

Pleasurekraft's #&34;Satyr Song#&34; is now available on Umek's 1605 Music Therapy


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