Quartiere Coffee - CONSCIENCE feat. Rootsman I [Official Video 2017]
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Quartiere Coffee - CONSCIENCE feat. Rootsman I
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Slagadagadan Dan Dan
This Is The Voice That I'm Feeling
Slagadagadan Dan Dan
To Make Me Feel Irie
Slagadagadan Dan Dan
This Is The Vibe That I Need
Slagadagadan Dan Dan
To Make Me Feel Irie
So I'm Walking Down Every Street, Million Faces To Meet
Some People're Gentle, Some Poor And Some Rich
Some Are So Pretty Some're Thirsty, Some Kitsch.
Some Are Still Triyng To Reach For The Truth
Someone's The Source Of Eternal Youth, Some Say That Every Need's Got An Ego To Feed, Some Say Life Is Short..
You Know What I Mean? Some Are Generous, Some Are Cheap Some Are Heavy Some Are Serious
You Can Try To Be What Others Would Like To See, But You Can't See What Others Would Like To Be.
So Many People Around The World, So Many Masks,
Tellin' Everything Is Alright While The Sun Always Shines
But There's One Face Always Smiling, ‘Cause It Has Too Much Cried, See Dem A Wolves In A Sheep Clothings
Talkin' Like A Preacher But They Love Bling BlingYou Are The Hunters Me Are The Shepard You Want Only Kill But I Want Only Teach Ya!
Behind Di Corner Yuh Can Find Da Evil
But If Yuh Heart Ah Full Of LoveYuh Always Meet Good People
Me Tell Yah Practice
Cas We Nedd No Preacher
Deh Yah No One Superior Mi Philosophy Ah Di Each One Teach OneSum People Ah Talk, Yuh Nevah Give Up‘Caz Everybody Got A Conscience
Believe In Yuhself, Believe In Yuh Strenght
And Be Yuh GuidanceNo There’s No Weakness NowListen Yuh Feelings, Life Ah BetSo Play Dis Game And Nuh Fighet NoMi Seh No Mattah Alla Yuh Property
Membah Yuh Conscience No Need
Yuh Material Tings Yuh Know Yuh Hate Make Yuh Poverty
Quartiere Coffee A Rootsman I Yah Sing

Music & Lyrics: Filippo Fratangeli
Arranged and played: #QuartiereCoffee
Recorded: Davide Fatemi e Ciro "Princevibe" Pisanelli
Mixed and mastered: Ciro #Princevibe Pisanelli
Mastered: Simone Squillario
Produced by: Quartiere Coffee
Distribution by #PiramesInternational
PeC: La Grande Onda - Red Gold Green Label
Video director and Editing: Simone Ferrini
Shooting: Simone Ferrini, Filippo Cerri e Fabio Ortu (RootsmanI shooting)
Starring : Azzurra Fabbrizzi, Quartiere Coffee and RootsmanI
Thanks to : Andrea Nati, Aura Fico, Silvia Scalia, Biagio (Alex the King of Cumbulteria)
Thanks to White Mouths apparel for providing the leading actress organic t-shirt.
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