Quartiere Coffee - In Jamaica [Official Video 2016]
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Music & Lyrics: Filippo Fratangeli.
Lyrics: Dwayne C.Downie
Arranged and played: Quartiere Coffee
Intro sample: Miss Lou "Fi wi Jamaican language"
Recorded: Davide Fatemi e Ciro "Princevibe" Pisanelli
Mixed and mastered: Ciro "Princevibe" Pisanelli
Produced by: Quartiere Coffee
Video director and Editing : Matteo Maggio
Shooting: FullVideo - Christian Cavarretta
Motion graphic: Roberto Biadi

Label: info@redgoldgreen.it
Management: behindmanagement@gmail.com
Booking: leo@diwalibooking.it
Press: runit@runitagency.com

FB www.facebook.com/quartierecoffeepage/
YT www.youtube.com/QuartiereCoffee/

Chorus: Every one want to go in Jamaica!Sweet Reggae Music on the streets in Jamaica!
Blu sky and sunshine on the sea in Jamaica!
Ohhh! Sweet Jamaica!

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean,
you no need no winter jacket, you no need no long john..
Most of the year, yellow cover over the land
So if you walk bear foot the sun will bun your foot bottom,
Sometime it rain..it a fertilize the land!
Remember we got a lot of vegetation
A it put the green inna the flag!
Black for the people, are mainly African!

ChorusI been around the globeFrom Jericho do down to Rome,
Ethiopia then back home,
Dis me must confess
A inna Yard me find the best,
It tougher then the rest
That why I am driving from West..A deh me get the SESS!!

Reggae music a play trough some big speaker box
Dj on the mic, watch the peanut man a rock , sexy gyal a wine up inna tight

Dis a real dancehall down a Yard thing..
Root wine and steam pipe..
Woman gimme another Light!


Me never born in Jamaica, Jamaica me never grow,but me feel like a Jamaican although I was born off shore,
Me love the pattern, me love the style, me love the whole flow.
You have to take the calf if you want to get the cow;
Bobo did tell me so, inna Yard, it just so it go.
Me love to hear when them chat, Miss Lou did tell us that..
Usain Bolt a mush up di track..
Eternal Father..We give thanks fi that!
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