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R.A. The Rugged Man - Media Midgets (Official Music Video)
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More than two decades after their classic collaboration "Every Record Label Sucks Dick," legendary emcee R.A. The Rugged Man and iconic producer Buckwild are back with another powerful statement, in the form of R.A.'s new music video "Media Midgets". This time around, the target is broader: from TV producers to radio stations to government propaganda. "Society continues to be brainwashed and programmed," explains the Rugged Man. "They are told what to watch, what to wear, how to think, how to vote, who's lives are important and unimportant, what music and entertainment is relevant. The youth especially need to know that they are being programmed, and spoon fed another man's agenda. They have to think for themselves."

For the video, director Douglas Quill envisioned a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future where free thought and expression are dead. "It's basically society being programmed and turned into mass marketed puppets, until the truth teller shows up and flips the switch," says R.A. "That's when society revolts against the oppressive brain washing machine. I think it's deep but fun and super visual at the same time. This is my most ambitious, biggest, most cinematic video so far."

Music Produced by: Buckwild
Mixed by: Chris Conway

Video Produced / Directed by: Douglas Quill

Starring: Eric Etebari, Zach Bankowski, Leilani Shiu, Ariel Shiu

Director of Photography: Connor Hair
Costume Designer: Brent Roberts
Production Designer: Chelsea Turner
SFX / Make-Up Artist: Christina Ellery
Make-Up Artist: Lili Kaytmaz
Editor: R.A. Thorburn
Colorist: Alan Gordon

1st AD / Assistant Producer: Alex Souetre
Associate Producer: Brent Roberts

2nd Unit Aerial: Terry Miller, Lance Rand
Steadicam Operator: Daniel Fritz
1st Assistant Camera: Peter Mares

Gaffer: Dave Desio
Key Grip: Andrew Lim

Set Dresser: Lauren Penizotto
Set Dresser: Derek Wibben

Wardrobe Assistant: Will Wohlfarth

Production Assistant: Timothy Perry
Craft Services: Summer Virshup
Crane Operator: Lake Hoffmann

Selwyn Miller
Steven Marroquin
Doug Farrell
Don Burrow
Scotch Hopkins
James Crosby
Waylon Krieger
Evan Anderson
Dan Landau
Ryan Matthew
Paul Lange

Special Thanks: Tonya Nelson and Express Metal Recycling

Shot on RED EPIC w/ Leica R Lenses
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