Range - Inward Rasta [Official Video 2017]
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Shana Blair Mccormack (born 26, April 1983) A.K.A DA’RANGE is a reggae/dancehall/pop culture Singer/Song writer, Businesswoman, former model and active humanitarian. Born in the cool hills of St Ann Jamaica. She attended Guy’s Hill High School after which she resided in Portmore St. Catherine and attended Waterford High School for extension classes. Upon completion of classes at Waterford High she landed her first Job with JACS Cable as a customer service representative.

Range began modelling at the early age of 15 and burst on to the local scene after being discovered by Kingsley Cooper the CEO of Pulse International. Range was then recruited by Zahni International Modelling Agency. She ultimately became the first and only model to win the coveted title of “island sexiest model” in 2004 while modelling for former modeling agency Zahni International. Range migrated to the United States in 2005 where she began her freelancing modelling career in Florida, California and New York. She worked extensively with Tysum Modelling agency and Runways modelling agency. In 2006 she did some freelance assignment for L.A models in California. In 2008 she settled in New York and marry her high school boyfriend Elroy “Full Rev” Mccormack. Shortly after which they started writing rhymes for fun and playfully spitting these lines during their downtime.

Range started frequenting the music studios with her husband whom is very fond of her beautiful voice and her writing skills. She started free styling with veterans such as Nachilous Demus, Papa Biggie, Michael Palmer, and Majestic Son. While hanging around these veterans she started developing a new found love for the art of music. She impressed the likes of Luciano and Ed Robinson in her studio sessions. Ed Robinson thought she was very special when she first voiced Gangster Boy in his studio. Ed’s has been an inspiration to her ever since. Range is aggressive and serious about mastering the music art.
Range is currently working on launching her first single in December 2016 titled Inward Rasta. She is also working on other projects for Jugglers in Europe and another track for Silver Birds Records. Reggae music has been blessed with another exotic, talented, intelligent and diverse musical goddess. Range is looking to stretch across the musical horizons with her one of a kind, deep yet soulful voice adding her own twist to the reggae/dancehall arena, perfectly combining and fuzzing all genre of music into the sizzling art of reggae/dancehall.

DA’Range has a creativity and distinction that is unmatched; melting and molding these unique sound blends to form her own unique identity. The result of her mix, spin and twist is a genius formulation of musical gold. This beautiful, talented and intelligent song writer/artist will challenge your mind musically and baptize you in her steam of pure flowing lyrical magic.
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