Progressive Trance / Goa
Rinkadink & Element @ Psy-Fi Festival 2016 (Full Set) Album/Set
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Indianix - keep in mind
Broken toy - this is africa
Loud - machines - empirikal remix
Undercover - judaika
Commerical hippies - heatwave
Freedom fighters - hybrid
Vertical move vs oforia - billy boy
Capital monkey and burn in noise - capital noise - rinkadink and Element remix
Zanon - light years
Rinkadink and element - desea remix
Ryanosaurus and freedom fighters - million little pieces - outsiders remix
X-noize and space cat - new drug
Rinkadink and element - fear is the mindkiller
Major 7 - not so funny
Rinkadink and mike modular - techmology - logica remix
Rinkadink and element - i thought you were my hallucination

Listen to Rinkadink tracks: http://bit.ly/1KJqHNw
Rinkadink Live: http://bit.ly/1KzZd2P

More Rinkadink:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rinkadink.net
Instegram: https://instagram.com/p/3MIjvOvKSY/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rinkadink
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/artist/rinkadink/12006

Rinkadink is South African music producer Werner van Jaarsveld.
A DJ since his mid teens and a veteran of many years of electronic music production.
He has been releasing music and performing in clubs and festivals around the world since 2002, playing in more than 35 countries and a hundred cities
The music he makes encompasses a wide variety of styles within the genre an consequently no one style is able to define him.

A strong believer in the true worth of psychedelic music and culture he uses his performances as an opportunity for the expansion of human consciousness through rhythm and harmony. While he was known in the past for his abstract and somewhat slapstick approach, recently he has redefined his music into a new and uncompromising style post full-on psychedelic progressive.

in mid 2013 he started the label MVX as a platform for his new music.

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