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Trance veteran and diverse studio master craftsman Sean Tyas announces the release of his debut artist album “Degeneration”.

This fresh multifaceted collection of music will be released throughout 2015 on a series of EPs that will precede a full-length album package set to include exclusive remixes and bonus tracks, which will hit shops in early 2016.

“Volume One” showcases the incredible abilities of this prolific and highly respected producer who refuses to be categorised as just another trance DJ.

Of course with Trance being a focal passion the EP begins with a powerful, driving, tech workout in the form of “Way Down in Mexico” that will surely leave 140 fans foaming at the mouth. But to follow are two alternative takes on the Degenerate attitude – with the razor sharp, energetic breaks number “Swarm” and aptly titled afterhours techno workhorse “9am”.

“Degeneration” is the soundtrack Degenerates worldwide have been waiting for. A noir audio backdrop to an intoxicating story that will seduce and engulf all those who follow.

And this is only the beginning………..

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