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Shabazz the disciple - Red hook day
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Yo it was all a dream, me and my brothers shakim and rahkeem

Up black crib puffin l's seeing ourselves on the screen

Our pictures in a magazine, we up in a limousine

In suede bally's, silk shirts and jeans with the Gucci seams

I beat boxed and niggaz flow till we was dizzy

My manager Mo, Chuck, Fresh, G-Money, Wil, Louie and Wizzy

Those were my favorite days when I turn back the page

And everyday we did a show, the staircase was the stage

And yo the name of the group: it was "RAHSHASHA"

Whoever thought that hip hop would make it this far

At 16 we did our first real show at the miccio

My mother believed in us, she shot our first video

We would go to my uncle young's house every sunday

He let us do our thang, we had a hot tape on monday

I love them both for that, they always had my back

They made me who I am today, I see that when I look back

Red Hook day gave me the confidence to do what I do

Mr. Gus, Stephen Moore, 9-2 Crash Crew

RZA seen what it took the world time to see

I dedicate this to y'all for inspiring me come on!


Talk to me y'all aha! aha! it's Red Hook day yall

Talk to me yall!

[Verse Two]
Hip-Hop is my religion son, music and fashion
Since I was a lil nigga yo, I do this with passion
It took me around the world from brazil to paris
Even on channel 2 news with my man reggie harris
Crime saga nominated soul train '96
Even though I do it son, I'm still a fan of this shit
When "BDP" said didididadiday
KRS dissed Marley Marl, Shan and Shante
And Stetsasonic had the Brooklyn anthem
We would rush a house party mob deep and vamp them
I slammed the mic when I'm done and kicked a hole in the speaker
When Rakim told Big Daddy Kane +Follow the Leader+
When Slick and Doug E. them said +La-Di-Da-Di+
When trench coats would hide the shottie to stick up the party
We was forever on that Brooklyn bullshit
My new projects posse was quick to pull shit
And fuck a fair one, you got ya head snuffed and stomped in
Back when that nigga Tim Dog made +Fuck Compton+
+Hey Young World+ is my all time favorite
Even now I still sing it every time when I play it
I dedicate this to y'all for inspiring me
And all my fans around the world whose admiring me
I had the vision all my life son, I came a long way
And now the whole world's invited
I welcome y'all to Red Hook day!


[Verse Three]
My Uncle Cliff and Calvin Klein always knew I had the vision in mind
And one day it'll be my time to shine
Back in 1989 they bought me up to 105.9
They played my shit and it lit up the phone lines
Ladies and gentlemen, you're about to see
A past time hobby about to be
Taken to the cinema screens and BET
And be blazin ON WQHT and MTV
Shit, I sacrificed my whole life for this
Everyday I roll the dice and pray to Christ for this, for real!
I sacrifice my whole life for this
Everyday I roll the dice and pray to Christ for this
Def Jam was always my favorite label
Since the days I rocked "2 TONE" leather pants and a gold cable
And +Krush Groove+ showed me dreams come true
All a nigga need is passion to follow' 'em through
I love Russell Simmons he inspire me to hustle and keep swimming
And never give up the struggle, focus on winning
This year I'ma do my thang, word to "RAH" who hovers me
I'll love +Wu-Tang Forever+, cause the RZA discovered me
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