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(hook Chords/Remedeeh)
when I´m on the grind
somebody´s always tapping on my shoulder and I´m trying
to get a piece/peace of mine/mind but I just can´t find the time
my baby´s always calling me crying on the line
won´t you please come home to me

sometimes I wonder how this rapping thing would look like
without a hundred other crappy things that took my
attention and time away from this rhyme I´m trying to say
trying to conquer the world but ain´t got time today
I´m on the grind today - until when? - I don´t know
striving for pursuing my goals but moving kinda slow
gotta find the dough - gotta pay the rent
on the grind for sure - got a lady friend
saying that she loves me and asking later when
the album drop and the video shot yo maybe then
could we find a little time to chill and play again?
and not fall asleep after sex but hit the hay again?
but working later than Letterman´s the state I´m in
I´m married to this music making but I hate it when
I have to end up wondering where my baby went
but for now don´t tap my shoulder - play that break again


nah pretty pretty please - I roam the city streets
little bit of sticky green clears up my mind when I´m in between
a rock and a hard place - they got me speeding like a
cop in car chase don´t stop and I don´t break
see time flies so I´m living it up
I always check my stop watch and I divvy it up
between the ladies and the studio I hardly see my family
I´m playing and I´m doing shows caught up in it gradually
I miss my mother miss my sisters and brothers
but I gotta keep working can´t listen to others
and I´m caught up right now but I´ll visit this summer
and when the album drops I´ll blow y´all a kiss on the cover
but for now I´m chilling right here music filling my ears
been through it and you knew it Imma do it til my mind clears
it ain´t no joke forget the hocus and pocus
when I´m in the booth I´m totally focused


this just ain´t how I planned it would work out
I pop the bass in my cans oh man I put in work now
but right now this ain´t working for me
got so much wheight on my back that it´s hurting my knees
I can take it to a certain degree but not for long
stop pulling my arm man I´m putting down a bomb
I can feel it inside - it´s a classic in the making
let the feeling compensate for the bread I ain´t breaking
I´m sick of gut pains and stress my head aching
music makes me tick but it´s a tricky situation
grinding like a nine-to-five but don´t get paid like one
soon as I can find the time Imma raise my son
and my girl is stressing me to get a proper job
so we can get a proper car get rid of the rusty Saab
and how about going on a nice vacation
this album better start breaking

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