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Jungle by Tash Sultana
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Engineered and Mixed by Nikita Miltiadou at Echidna Studios, Smooch Records and Los Bomberos Studios.
Mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301

I see the way you move
It’s so fluid
With you by my side
Got nothing to hide
Now that you're hurting i see the tears behind those eyes
I can't wipe them clear
Your love was like gold to me

But you hold me closer to the light
Wouldn't find the bullet inside
Unless you magnified
But you throw me into the deep end
Expect me to know how to swim
And i put my faith inside of my hands because i will be just fine.

Welcome to the jungle
Are you gunna dance with me
Welcome to the jungle
You gotta close your eyes to see
Welcome to the jungle
Are you gunna dance with me
Well, no nah

(freestyle )
Sitting tight with my black jeans on and I'm paralysed make your way toward the sun
got the palest soul you ever seen oh darling you mightn't be the one
sitting tight with my curly hair
making your way with that sheepish stare
said are you real do you feel are you there

Ashes to ashes in the embers i blaze
I gotta rise amongst it all and i think about your face everyday

But you hold me closer to the light
You wouldn't find the bullet
Only if you magnified

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