Trentemoller - Shades of Marble (Trentemoller Remix)
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From In My Room Recordings:

"Taken from Trentemøller's new full-length album, ‚Into The Great Wide Yonder', a stunning achievement in modern production and cinematic songwriting, ‚Shades of Marble' has been reworked by the man himself, along rising artists KiNK and Kasper Bjørke.

Trentemøller's dramatic, edgy and daring remix of his own string drenched opus is nothing short of breathtaking. Leaning towards dancefloors with an appreciation for epic qualities, this expertly constructed re-think will surely be heard well into the festival season.

The inimitable man from Sofia, KiNK rises to the challenge of remixing ‚Shades Of Marble' and does so heroically. The pleasing result is a tough, Chicago meets Berlin jack-jam that leads to tripped out and freaky moments in the break, until his trademark drum machines do the rest!

Finally another bright star of the Danish scene, Kasper Bjørke, has his say with his deeper and more low slung remix that leads the listening into satisfying late night realms. Full of funk and melancholy, this is a welcome treat for fans of Bjørke's characteristic productions."

Released off of In My Room. http://www.hfn-music.com/inmyroom
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